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"Vítejte k Muj Sbírka Porcelán Ceský-Bohémský"

(Welcome to my Bohemian Porcelain & Glass Collection)

A Resource for the Decorative Arts

Welcome to a reference site for the decorative arts. Here you will find information for Bohemian (Czech) porcelain and glass. There is also information about Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory, Vienna and Angelica Kauffmann porcelain.

There are fact pages concerning the hallmarks, logos, factories, decoration types, pottery types, and shapes, as well as a gallery of pretty pictures.

The site is dedicated to the identifying, collecting, selling, and buying of Bohemian decorative arts.

There is a little bit of information on the Libbey Rock Sharpe Crystal, Indiana Glass Company, and the Hazel-Atlas Company.

I am not an expert on any of these subjects.

A special thank you goes to hundreds of people who send me marks to identify.

The site matches the complexity of the subject. You may find yourself lost. There are dozens pages on this Web site, of which two-dozen have Bohemian and Czechoslovakian porcelain and china information. Start on the first page, Information & History, by clicking the link in the Menu on the left, or the green Navigation Bar below. The first page is designed to lead you through a short lesson about porcelain and Bohemia. Be sure to click on the embedded links, and then click the Back Button your Web browser to continue.

If you do not want to learn about the subject, you can use the Site Map to navigate.

Extra Pieces are for sale in the Bohemian Boutique

To discover more, click the embedded links, a link in the Green Navigation Bar on the bottom of every page, links in the Left Menu on every page, or the Site Map link in the upper right corner on every page. *
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